About us

We will deliver Tailored Quality Workplaces with Flexibility and Speed

Design Space Kenya Interiors is a commercial interior/exterior finish contractor. For many organizations and institutions, we are the only commercial interior/exterior contractor delegated to the entire interior project, and we place a strong emphasis on conforming to the exact specifications of the client. Design Space Kenya Interiors is the largest finish contractor in the area, testimony to the fact that we maintain high standards of quality workmanship, responsive customer service and competitive prices. While the majority of our projects are in this area, we are available to manage projects outside of Nairobi and the surrounding East Africa Region.
Design Space Kenya Interiors employs skilled craftsmen who are trained to work efficiently and safely and maintain flexible work schedules to benefit the customers’ normal operations during project completion. We are proud of the work with satisfied and dedicated employees who complement our total commitment to quality and excellent service.

Vision & Mission statement

To be a one stop shop for all interior services and provide our clients or  business partners with unmatched creativity and quality in order to maximize the value of properties for our clients/and business partners and enhance the living standards of the end user

What we do

We support Businesses, Architects, Interior Designers, Property developers and Homeowners to realize
their ideas, customized, quality products. This allows the stakeholders to specify exactly what they want
rather than being limited to what is locally known and available. We relieve you of the ‘headache’ of
manufacturing, sourcing and procuring what is needed for your dream interior

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